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The Wingsys brand was created by the company Famasete - Tecnology Group and presents a set of integrated multitouch hardware and software solutions, an accomplice with the development of technologies focused on simplicity of use and functionality excellence.
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Interactive Tables

Interactivity, ease and design are three words that define the products of the Wingsys family. Multi-touch interactive tables link micro-computing to the concept of design and usability.

Solutions that allow you to adjust to your concept of modernity, corporate hosting or showroom the latest LED or LCD technology. These products allow diverse people to share content, opinions, photographs, information in a "High-Tech" environment, in the same space.

Mupis and Kiosks

In the age of communication, the interactivity and accessibility are decisive factors for a brand or service to assert itself before an audience that seeks more and more information and knowledge in an instant.

Wingsys mupis and kiosks can be used as a virtual attendant at the entrance of your company / store, real time tourist information transmission or as queuing system. The options are varied and help each business model.


The QX range of the Wingsys brand is the designation for our kiosks specifically created for the outdoor environment.

As a result of years of research, this model requires very specific parameters, such as: exterior insulation, reinforced ventilation, air conditioning in extreme cases, environment control systems through sensors, high brightness display specifically indicated for outdoor, capacitive touch, among others.

Storage and Charging

Wingsys also focuses on many other technological products, such as portable or tablet carts. This solutions are ideal for educational institutions or big business production departments.
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Visiting theTower of Clerics is synonymous of Wingsys technology

Famasete has equipped the most emblematic tower of Porto with a Wingsys Digital Signage Mupi. Now all visitors of the Tower of Clerics will be able to see the main information, events and history of the bell in a more technological and innovative way, constantly updated.

Wingsys has a new face!

Following the redesign of the Famasete website earlier this year, it is now the turn of the Wingsys brand to have a new and redesigned image. The new website presents you with an up-to-date concept of brandig, all Wingsys products in a detailed way and real examples applicable to each solution developed. You will have […]

Interactive mirrors? What are?

Wingsys continues to be at the forefront and this year featured several models of interactive mirrors. These products are simple reflective mirrors, such as those used at home, hotels or shops, but with the great difference that they can exhibit the interactivity and technology that they have been designed. They are true multitouch screens that […]

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