ISE 2018

Every year, Famasete surprises us with something new and irreverent at the biggest AV System event in the world – ISE 2018. This year was no exception. Through the internationally recognized brand Wingsys, the Portuguese company launches a new Interactive Object Recognition solution and also a line of interactive fast and efficient virtual payment solutions that can be applied in a wide variety of areas, such as catering and hospitality.

Famasete exposes a new object recognition solution on interactive surfaces, allowing users to place an object of their choice, for example on the Wingsys TA007T interactive table, and obtain several information related to the products (catalogs, images, brand website, among many others). The Object Recognition Software on our multitouch table allows all this and much more.

In addition, the company presents a family of multi-touch kiosks (indoor and outdoor) that allow the consumer, on the one hand, to make simple and quick reservations and purchase of a product avoiding long queues and, to the seller or chain of restaurants, on the other hand, to implement and improve the service of attendance to the public through innovative and competent systems that promote and enhance the brands. These stand up Wingsys QX003PS kiosks can contemplate different touchscreen displays, ticket printer, 1D and 2D bar code scanner, high frequency smart card reader and payment pinpad, among other solutions.

According to José Barbosa, CEO of the Portuguese company Famasete, the company’s participation for the fifth consecutive year at ISE-Amsterdam is “fundamental for the disclosure of these new products that promise to revolutionize the restaurant and hotel industry. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage the Wingsys brand and introduce the new products to the thousands of visitors who fill the fair every year.”

These year, Famasete was in stand 8-M165, ISE 2018 – RAI, Amsterdam, NL. Looking forward to the next year!

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