Multitouch Software

Business Composer

This interactive solution has a set of fully customizable applications so you can present your products or services in a totally innovative way.


Children have short attention spans. This multi-touch software solves this problem making education more fun, engaging and unforgettable. Features a set of interactive multi-touch educational applications designed to help kids learn while they play!


Informative content software. It allows to put a lot of updated information about a certain space (through backoffice access) linked to the tourism area.


Software that allows the creation of intuitive questionnaires with the design adapted / customized to the company.


Software that allows the creation and use of a menu with your favorite apps in a multi-touch hardware.


Software created to guide visitors through an expansive area, in a trade show, business building, museum or shopping center in a quick and intuitive way.

Digital Reception

Software that allows users to be immediately virtually received in a reception environment, upon arrival of a company or other public service space.


Download all your PDFs, edicts, notices and documents remotely to the “Interactive Edital” software menu so that users can access the information you have made available.

Body Interact

Medical simulation software, based on performing tests in virtual human body.

Object Recognition

The Interactive Object Recognition Software lets you, by placing several products on the surface of our TA007T interactive table, to be able to view various relevant information with characteristics of them, such as images, catalogs, product specs, videos, among others.