Mupis and Multimedia Kiosks


Famasete presents a family of indoor multi-touch kiosks that allow the consumer, on the one hand, make quick and simple reservations and buy a product by avoiding long queues, to the seller or chain of restaurants, on the other hand, implement and improve the service to the public through innovative and competent systems that enhance and improve the brands.


From the same family of the award winning interactive table Wingsys, we also present the interactive mupi TA007P. This model retains all the features but with a vertical orientation. It is ideal for shopping malls or other public spaces, for example, to pass information of events / promotions taking place in which it is inserted.


In the era of communication, interactivity and accessibility are decisive factors in asserting itself to an audience that is seeking more and more information and knowledge in an instantaneous way. This model can be used as a virtual attendant at the entrance of your company / store.


Famasete's QI range represents a set of multimedia kiosks that serve the needs of customers. Each model is designed to fulfill a specific function. In this type of products it is possible to incorporate a very wide variety of components, from ticket printers, barcode scanners, card readers and many others. Because we are producers, we have the ability to create a kiosk that fits your needs. Contact us.


With the success of our interactive tables, it has become essential to create a 45-degree horizontal orientation and media kiosk for easy reading and writing. This model is intended for individual use when entering text using a virtual keyboard is required, for example, to fill out forms.

IT005C / IT005M

The IT range of Famasete represents a set of multimedia kiosks of small size, that use an ipad or a tablet of any brand in the market. The IT005 model was specially designed to incorporate a ticket printer and serve as a Queue Management Kiosk.


Within Famasete’s IT range you can also find other simple vertical models, such as IT007 products, which may contain a tablet of your choice. Available in various colors, these kiosks are very versatile and can be placed in any indoor space. There are three possible versions: stand up, wall mounting or for flat horizontal surfaces.