The QX range of the Wingsys brand is the designation for our kiosks specifically designed for outdoor use (-30 / +50). The QX001 model is undoubtedly the most robust and most used by our customers.



This Wingsys QX002 mini outdoor allows you to have all the features of an indoor kiosk, but with the characteristics and strength of a product suitable for outdoor installation.



The QX003 is considered to be the most elegant product in the QX range. It has the same functionalities for outdoor environment and features a more discreet design.



The QX004 model is also part of the QX range of the Wingsys brand and was created specifically for outdoor environment (-30 / +50). May contain static or interactive advertising.



The QX005 model is used as a stop-station for public transport. Through the interactive screen, you can display schedule or advertisement information.