We changed and now we are Wingsys!

We have known each other for 25 years as we are. And another 10 that stood out when creating the Wingsys brand and the first multitouch interactive table in Portugal. This was the name created to designate the range of innovative products that identified Famasete-Technology Group as a manufacturer. We use this time to evolve. We found reasons to change. A reformulation of the company’s structure and administration, supported by an international entity, made us grow and led us to believe that interactive technology can produce experiences with real positive impact on people and organizations and that our mission is to create solutions where everyone has access to the advantages and opportunities they provide, in a sustainable future.

Thus, Famasete-Technology Group now gives way to a new, more creative and sustainable company, Wingsys – Interactive Technology. We are the same polyvalent “family” and recognized in the sector for the passion for the business and the development of innovative quality systems.

We believe this is the ideal time for a change. But this is not a small change… Recognized for the character of Innovation & Development and distinguished as “Best Manufacturers of Interactive Solutions in Portugal”, today we bring Innovation to give a positive answer to the needs of the world as an essential condition for business growth . Our focus will become the organic experience of the consumer, in the search for answers to the problems encountered since, worldwide, millions of people cross our technology daily. We updated our logo and image. We grew up. We have matured. We improve our services. We are happier.

We are also excited about our new “home”. The change of facilities is an important decision that requires a lot and good planning. We are certain that the new physical space will provide a significant improvement in the conditions for us to continue to develop and provide our services with quality, contributing to a greater satisfaction of our customers to whom, from now on, we thank you for your understanding.

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