Wingsys – Interactive Technology

Multi-Touch Interactive Solutions

The Wingsys concept presents a set of integrated multitouch hardware and software solutions, complicit in the development of technologies focused on simplicity of use and excellence functionality.


The portuguese company Famasete – Technology Group manufactures, through the Wingsys brand, solutions that combine innovative technology with the natural sense that touch imposes. It lowers the interfaces and increases the potentiality of the solutions. With more than 20 years in the market, Famasete offers resources in which the same hardware can be used by more people, in the same space, in a simple, shared and innovative way.


We can not deny the importance that the “naturalness” factor determines in the proficient use of technology. In this sense, we bet on the development of technologies that position the touch as the main technology of our products, which have already been awarded internationally with several prizes of quality and design and that are certified to be sold and marketed a little all over the world. We aim to make your day-to-day life easier and to bring the advantages of using technology even further.


Like we have production capacity, we have also been able to develop customized projects for each client and for different sectors. Whether it is hardware or software, Famasete presents you with a team specialized in Product Design that promises to respond to what is proposed.

We do not want only many customers, we want many satisfied customers!


Wingsys is the basis of multi-talented collaborative and social technology that allows you to expand the limits of creativity…