The Wingsys QX Series is part of the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) which designates totems specifically created for outdoor environments. The QX001 model is undoubtedly the most robust and resistant solution in this family of interactive outdoor totem. Due to its characteristics, it resists adverse weather conditions and acts of vandalism.

1920 x 1080 Full HD

Dimensions (WxHxD):
49": 1200 x 2235 x 225 mm
55": 1200 x 2235 x 225 mm
65": 1500 x 2550 x 225 mm
75": 1500 x 2550 x 225 mm

Aluminum with anti-graffiti matt electrostatic painting, any RAL color.

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Model Description

The Wingsys QX Series is dedicated to Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) which designates totems specifically created for the outdoors. The QX001 model is a robust solution that is resistant to adverse weather conditions and possible acts of vandalism.

DOOH consists of the use of high-tech displays, installed in strategic points of the cities, whose objective is to present suitable content to the public that frequents the place.

Interactive outdoor totems are the natural response to the demands of progressive urbanization and digitalization of information.

Technical Specifications

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Available in 55", 65" or 75"
With a computer and professional high-gloss display
10-touch PCAP foil
Microsoft Windows 10 PRO operating system
Ventilation system IP66
Dust and moisture-proof
Electrical protection in case of excessive rainfall
Specifications (standard 55" model):
• Aluminum structure with protection for an outdoor environment
• 2500 NITS High Brightness Full HD Vertical Display
• 1920x1080 resolution
• 16:9 Screen Format
• Touch Pcap technology
• Power 100 - 240V Ac
• Connectivity 4 X USB-A, 3.5mm Mic, Dvi, Ethernet, Wifi
• Tempered safety glass display surface
• Sound system with 2 10W speakers
• Certifications - CE, Anreee
• Intel Nuc computer
• Microsoft Windows 10 PRO operating system
• External connectors

What do you get with this technology?

Robustness and resistance

The QX001 totem is built in a robust way, with specific protections for outdoor environments. Its characteristics, both in the internal and external structure, make it very resistant to weather conditions.

Ideal for the outdoors

The QX001 totem follows the demands of the modern consumer by providing useful and interactive information even in outdoor spaces.

Anti-graffiti coating

This robust solution was designed for outdoor or adverse environments. Its finish with electrostatic anti-graffiti paint makes this totem more resistant to acts of vandalism.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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