Wingsys Interactive Displays are designed with infrared and the latest touch screen technology. A solution that combines interactive technology with intuitive use for businesses or schools.

4k Ultra HD

Dimensions (WxHxD):
65’’: 1489 x 897 x 86mm
75’’: 1710 x 1020 x 86mm
86’’: 1957 x 1160 x 86mm

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Model Description

Wingsys Interactive Displays are designed with infrared and the latest touch screen technology. This solution combines interactive technology with huge ease of use.

Available in 65”, 75” and 86” features:

  • Interactive whiteboard in a single touch;
  • Wireless mirroring;
  • Connectable with any TV box;
  • Video call to your family or coworkers via webcam connection;
  • Natural IR writing experience, for entrepreneurs, teachers and students;
  • Multi-answer quiz software for multiple participants;
  • 4K Ultra HD resolution;
  • Hardware lock;
  • Android 8.0 - system included;
  • Wall fixing bracket included;
  • Wifi / Bluetooth included and SLOT for OPS PC;
  • 3 year warranty with equipment collection after registration on the website.

Technical Specifications

For more information download the Spec Sheet


Available in 65”, 75” and 86”
Interactive whiteboard
Wireless mirroring
Natural IR writing experience
4K Ultra HD resolution
Hardware Lock
Classroom software (survey)
Android 8.0
Wall mounting bracket included
Wifi / Bluetooth included and Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)
3-year warranty with equipment collection

What do you get with this technology?

More effective communication

This solution allows you to do a briefing with everyone involved and simplify team communication. Present the desired content and get immediate feedback. At the end, share the summary and essential notes for more efficient communication.

Presentations with more quality

Creating high-quality multimedia presentations is easier. Integrate applications, videos, access to web content and present ideas or products on a 4K display with 32 W power stereo sound. Captivate your audience with creativity and high impact!

Simplified accesses

Eliminate compatibility issues and access restrictions. In addition to the HDMI inputs, use the screen sharing software on any device or operating system (Windows, Android or Mac) and easily download the app.

More productivity

Make your teams more qualified and productive through internal training in a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The included survey software allows you to check whether each training has achieved the proposed objectives.

More safety

WIP has an advanced hardware locking system with an encrypted (customized) USB key that unlocks the equipment. Thus, the security of confidential information is guaranteed, accessible only to the administrator.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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