The Wayfinding Software was created to guide and orientate visitors, quickly and intuitively, through any space. With its fast multi-touch search functionality, visitors can identify their area of interest and see the best route there.

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Software Description

The Wayfinding Software guides the visitor, indicating the best route, to the desired destination. This solution can be used in Digital Totems or Wingsys kiosks through the digital map.
With the quick search feature, users can easily find the area of interest and the fastest route to the selected destination will be displayed. The interface design can be easily adjusted to match the characteristics and requirements of each company or institution.
For each location, it is possible to define additional information, through photographs, schedules, website, logo, or others.
When on stand-by, the interactive equipment can transmit advertising or other information.

Technical Specifications

For more information download the Spec Sheet


Software available for Windows OS
Front Office and BackOffice version
More than 250 different icons available
Easy configuration with a drag-and-drop system
Customizable colours and layouts

What do you get with this technology?

The end of paper plants

Transform the old-fashioned paper map of your building, school or company, into a modern interactive multi-touch application. Rooms or stores can be grouped into categories and information or advertising can be added and linked to certain locations. Guide your visitors in an agile and interactive way with the Wayfinding Software!

Remote update

The Wayfinding Software allows you to associate a wide range of contents to your digital plant. It is possible to add extra content to each location, such as photos, logos and other data. With this solution you do not need to go to the device to update the content, you can do it remotely.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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