Wingsys aims to produce knowledge and solutions that can be useful to society, particularly companies, integrated in productive activities with high value. We offer a wide range of products, services, projects, technology, equipment and human resources that can actively contribute to innovative practices in companies.

Identification of R&D Skills

Wingsys, manufacturer of interactive solutions in Famalicão, was distinguished by the National Innovation Agency (ANI), still as Famasete, joining a restricted list of Portuguese companies in the sector that stand out for their research and development reputation.

At Tech@Portugal, recently held at the Alfândega do Porto Congress Center, Wingsys was recognized by ANI as a company at the forefront of the sector. Entering the restricted lot of technology companies recognized by ANI, fills us with pride and satisfaction.

This national recognition is an extraordinary reason for contentment and a strong incentive to research and develop new products. For this reason, we want to encourage other entities to collaborate, so that together we can create cutting-edge products that help to place Portugal as a pioneer in innovation.


At Wingsys we continuously seek and exploit the skills of the scientific community (researchers, research units, associated laboratories, departments), as well as emerging technologies with two main goals:

Technology-push approach where we inform educational entities about the knowledge produced at Wingsys so that they can incorporate it into their innovation activities.

Demand-pull approach where we present an adequate response to the problems and/or needs of research and technological development that the entities present to us.

This entire process goes through an assessment, together with the entities, of the opportunities for collaboration and the definition of a strategy.

Consortium R&D projects

Wingsys' collaboration with universities, schools, associations and companies in the development of consortium R&D projects is already long and productive. These projects aim to increase the productivity and competitiveness of companies and academic knowledge.

This collaboration often results in new processes, products and services or changes to existing ones, with economic benefits for the entities involved.

R&D and Consulting Services

Due to the constant challenges and new demands of the markets and the world economy, companies have to be constantly renewing and innovating.

In this context, Wingsys presents itself as a privileged partner of companies, educational institutions and others, offering technical services of recognized merit and technological rigor.

These services include the development of:

  • Hardware;
  • Software;
  • Prototypes;
  • Expert advice;
  • Technical and economic viability studies;
  • Essays;
  • Analyses.

Wingsys has a close connection to the educational sector, based on the strong know-how of its professionals, contributing significantly to the development of specific solutions, adjusted to the interests of the public.

R&D Structures

Get to know our R&D team, our structures, areas of intervention, projects and resources. These are the key units in the development and production of knowledge and innovation.


This service promotes interactions between Wingsys and other entities interested in networking activities that aim to facilitate the connection between the business world, the academic sector, the productive department, investors, consultants and among others.

We are available to analyse your idea or proposal for a partnership and together build the "tomorrow's solution for today's problem".

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R&D Department

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