What are Cookies?
A Cookie is a small text file that the website stores on the visitor's device in order to keep some information, that allows identifying the type of device, or that is relevant to adapt all the components of the website.

Does the website use cookies?
Yes, to improve the experience of users of the website, keeping visitor information, allowing to determine the preferences, assisting in filling out forms and collecting performance indicators, such as the origin and time of access to the website.

What is the privacy policy of the website
The data collected and stored in Cookies may be made available by Wingsys to third parties that demonstrate to ensure adequate levels of security and confidentiality. Navigation on the website is monitored only for statistical purposes and to improve the experience of the website visitors.

Should I accept the use of Cookies?
Wingsys will only use Cookies with the visitor's prior and express consent. Wingsys undertakes to use the storage of Cookies only for the purposes mentioned in the previous points.

It is important to note that the use of Cookies is essential for the better functioning of the website in its entirety, so its acceptance is recommended.

Most browsers allow control over the Cookies stored on your device, as well as their immediate deletion if the user so wishes.

Cookies may collect information that could be legally qualified as "personal data"; in this regard, please check our Privacy Policy here.

What Cookies are used on the website

Analytics Cookies

  • Behaviour (pages visited, path taken on the site, ...);
  • Target audience (geographic, language, gender, age, ...);
  • Acquisition (device, how the user got to the website);
  • Conversions (filling in forms, ...).

Operational Cookies

  • Selected language;
  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Telephone.
  • Purpose: To remember the preferences defined by the user in previous visits to the website.

Third-party Cookies

  • IP;
  • Device;
  • Geography, language;
  • Pages visited, references, clicks on pages, monitoring of mouse movements on the website.
  • Purpose: Collection of information by external platforms as a complement for greater efficiency in the information and statistics collected.