Interactive Screens

Immerse yourself in an engaging and high-performance solution, the result of the most advanced technology. With excellent image definition and integrated high-quality sound, Wingsys interactive touchscreens provide an incomparable immersive experience to the user.

Interactive Tables

Discover a brave new world, full of possibilities, with Wingsys interactive tables. Our innovative solutions are very versatile and are designed to engage and captivate the user. The different software options allow the dissemination of a wide range of content for multiple applications.

Interactive Digital Storefronts

Wingsys interactive digital storefronts have arrived to revolutionize brand communication, transforming any showcase into a window to the future. These innovative solutions have replaced traditional and static storefronts, offering an important competitive advantage.

Digital Totems

If the world moves at high speed, do not stop it! Help eliminate the need to stop or wait in line for information. The Wingsys wide range of Digital Totems establishes a dynamic bridge between the brand and a global audience with no time to waste.

Interactive Kiosks

Wingsys multimedia kiosks allow you to bring together the most varied functions in a single structure with appellative design. Free your employees from routine tasks, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

LED Walls

Wingsys light up your ideas! Highlight them and give them more visibility with Wingsys LED Walls solutions. Highlight locations, structures, signage, advertising, or others, while significantly reducing electricity consumption.

Charging Stations

These practical charging stations allow you to store and recharge the batteries of different equipment simultaneously and safely. If you need to recharge different electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets, optimize this process using Wingsys charging stations.

Software for Interactive Equipment

We offer several software solutions so that you can take full advantage of our devices. According to your objectives and area of expertise, we have the most advanced multi-touch software solutions, with applications in multiple sectors.

Interactive Equipment Accessories

Complement Wingsys devices with the latest accessories to further enhance the user’s experience. Pens, cameras, holders, and complete systems for videoconferencing are some of the examples of what we can offer.

Did you know that you can also rent our interactive equipment?

We offer a short or long term rental service, with equipment for specific actions, fairs, congresses or events in Portugal and abroad. See here which products are available and discover the advantages of our rental service.

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