Contribute to the digital evolution of Education.

We present a wide range of services and solutions that support the process of digital transformation of classrooms. We help to develop more dynamic, fun and stimulating teaching / learning experiences for students and educators.

More attractive and engaging educational experiences

Problem: Insufficient interactive technological experiences with access to useful information in real-time, in the classroom.

Solution: Wingsys offers a set of solutions designed to optimize teaching / learning experiences. Through specific software and equipment, which adapt to the needs of those involved in the educational process, we meet the current requirements of the educational sector.

With Wingsys solutions, it increases the interaction between students and teachers, through the instant sharing of educational materials and resources. The whole educational experience becomes more active and captivating, providing rich and meaningful experiences.

Wingsys Virtual Classroom

Wingsys Virtual Classroom is an interactive solution for the digitization of Education.

It allows to enhance online teaching or mixed environment (classroom and online), through a set of technological equipment for a more dynamic and interactive learning, in real time.

WingsysClass - A vision for the future of Education

The Wingsys Class is the result of the combination of 3 main elements: Space, Education and Technology.

It consists of a flexible approach that includes good practices and educational contexts, adjusting to each subject to promote school success. We are not limited to traditional classrooms, we create immersive environments and enhance learning in other spaces of the school, such as libraries, laboratories or outdoors.

To enhance and optimize students' learning, this new concept uses future-oriented methodologies that favour educational evolution. We work to develop, in the youngest, essential skills for a more technological and sustainable future.

Our Products for Education

WIP Pegasus V7

WIP Pegasus V7 was designed with infrared technology, a professional multitouch screen foil and Android 11 operating system. This is a solution that combines interactive technology with intuitive use for the business or educational sector, now with a Standard (CPU A55X4; 4GB RAM; 32GB ROM - 65", 75" and 86") and Pro (A73X4 CPU; 8GB RAM; 64GB ROM - 65" and 75") version.


The TA007T interactive tables are the premium model of this segment, standing out for its versatility. They can be sold with specific software for the most diverse areas, from hospitality and public administration to education and tourism, for example. Its robust structure and high quality take the interactive experience to the next level.


Children are the future, so we created a multi-touch interactive table adapted for the little ones. Make learning more dynamic and fun! This interactive table can be sold with educational software, games, learning or exercise sheets, video resources and many others, available in several languages. The top glass can be silk-screened in a personalized way, with any image or logo.


Wingsys Interactive Displays are designed with infrared and the latest touch screen technology. A solution that combines interactive technology with intuitive use for businesses or schools.


Discover the ideal interactive table to prove that your company, cafe or restaurant, excels in modernity and innovation. With a simple design, produced in lacquered steel in any RAL colour, discover the ideal solution for your business area.


Kiosk for hand hygiene and body temperature measurement. A combined Wingsys solution, which incorporates an information display, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and the body temperature measurement function.


All-in-one indoor LED wall solution with integrated high-quality audio system that offers immersive and complete enjoyment for the audiences.


The Wingsys EMS08 charging station is extremely useful for storing and recharging electronic devices in complete safety.teste


The EMS09 charging station is a technological mobile cabinet very useful to charge and store all your tablets or laptops with maximum security.

Business Composer

This interactive software offers a wide range of fully customizable applications. Present your company's products or services in an innovative way by creating interactive and engaging experiences.


The Wingsys Educational Software is a versatile solution, available in different languages and that facilitates the learning processes, both for children and educators.

Object Recognition

The Object Recognition Software automatically recognizes the object and opens a specific set of images, videos or catalogues associated. Discover an innovative solution, in a multi-touch environment, that will dazzle your customers.

Poly Videoconferencing System

Thanks to a solid partnership with Poly, a leader in video and voice solutions, Wingsys presents the most modern solutions for video conferences. Poly's video conferencing system features exceptional stereo sound with high clarity and quality.

Sennheiser SP 30 audio system

The Sennheiser SP 30 is an audio conference speaker system designed for professionals seeking flexibility in using WIP interactive screens during their conferences. With a discreet and compact design, this module allows you to organize conferences for up to 8 participants.

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