Smart Cities

Make every city a Smart City

We offer a wide range of interactive solutions and digital signage, adjustable to the most varied needs of modern cities. We have smart solutions to generate more and more Smart Cities.

We present useful information in a dynamic way to facilitate DOOH communication and make it more relevant and attractive;
We combine, in multifunctional and resistant equipment, different solutions adjustable to the user’s need at any time.

Improve DOOH communication for Smart Cities

Problem: Reduced efficiency of traditional forms of external communication, which end up contributing mostly to visual noise, difficult updating of contents, little useful and unappealing.

Solution: Wingsys have equipment for outdoor environments that allows disseminating information in a more dynamic way, directed, updated remotely and accessible to all, through interactive technological solutions. These communication alternatives also make it possible to measure, for example, the traffic of people in a given location, thus providing important statistical data to simplify urban management.

Optimize outdoor equipment, saving space and resources

Problem: Difficulty in the management of outdoor information equipment, lighting equipment or other associated functions equipment.

Solution: Wingsys technological solutions offer a modular concept for urban furniture with flexible options. They can combine different functions in the same structure, configured according to the requirements of each location. Tourist information, local maps, advertising, LED solutions or charging stations for electric vehicles are some of the features available.

Our Products for Smart Cities

Smart Point

Remote content management software for communication in Municipalities and Smart Cities. Share all the information about your city, such as events, news and alerts, with residents and tourists.


The TA007T interactive tables are the premium model of this segment, standing out for its versatility. They can be sold with specific software for the most diverse areas, from hospitality and public administration to education and tourism, for example. Its robust structure and high quality take the interactive experience to the next level.


Children are the future, so we created a multi-touch interactive table adapted for the little ones. Make learning more dynamic and fun! This interactive table can be sold with educational software, games, learning or exercise sheets, video resources and many others, available in several languages. The top glass can be silk-screened in a personalized way, with any image or logo.


The Wingsys QX Series is part of the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) communication that designates Digital Totems specifically created for the outdoor environment. The QX003 model is the most elegant model in this family and our customers’ favourite for "Smart Point" solutions, which stand out in an urban environment. With a robust structure and an anti-graffiti coating, this Digital Totem is ideal for outdoor spaces.


The TA007P Digital Totem belongs to the same Series as the award-winning Wingsys interactive table. This model maintains all the characteristics of the TA007 group, but with vertical orientation. With award-winning design and quality, it is the ideal solution to disseminate information in a captivating and interactive way or can be used as hardware for digital signage software. It can be customized in terms of colours or logos.


The model TA007PDF is a Digital Totem that offers a double-sided structure with a screen on each one. Due to its high-quality design and structure, this is the ideal solution to disseminate interactive information in different environments. It is possible to use two screens simultaneously in the same equipment. The vertical double-sided structure can be customized in terms of colours or logos.


The TA007Q Digital Totem is oriented for individual use when text entry via a virtual keyboard is required. Its horizontal orientation and the 45º inclination were defined to facilitate the reading and writing in this equipment.


The TA007W Digital Totem has a simple design, similar to a digital photo frame that is affixed to the wall. You can change the orientation (horizontal or vertical) as desired. This elegant model is ideal for disseminating interactive information tailored to the needs of each situation and very effectively. Its structure is customizable in colour and with the application of a vinyl logo.


Kiosk for hand hygiene and body temperature measurement. A combined Wingsys solution, which incorporates an information display, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and the body temperature measurement function.


This outdoor space solution is available in several sizes and formats and offers a significant reduction in electricity consumption compared to other lighting devices.


This outdoor LED Wall is available in several sizes and formats and offers a significant reduction in electricity consumption compared to other lighting devices.


This indoor solution is available in several sizes and formats and offers a significant reduction in electricity consumption compared to other lighting devices.

Business Composer

This interactive software offers a wide range of fully customizable applications. Present your company's products or services in an innovative way by creating interactive and engaging experiences.


The Wallboard Software is a digital signage solution for creating and managing content remotely. It allows you to respond to all the specifics of your business, through a wide range of online tools and models.

Object Recognition

The Object Recognition Software automatically recognizes the object and opens a specific set of images, videos or catalogues associated. Discover an innovative solution, in a multi-touch environment, that will dazzle your customers.

Poly Videoconferencing System

Thanks to a solid partnership with Poly, a leader in video and voice solutions, Wingsys presents the most modern solutions for video conferences. Poly's video conferencing system features exceptional stereo sound with high clarity and quality.

Sennheiser SP 30 audio system

The Sennheiser SP 30 is an audio conference speaker system designed for professionals seeking flexibility in using WIP interactive screens during their conferences. With a discreet and compact design, this module allows you to organize conferences for up to 8 participants.

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