Interactive Digital Storefronts

  • Dynamic and personalized communication with the outside world
  • Information available 24/7 for the user
  • Management and remote access
  • Highlight of the competition
  • Cost optimization
Interactive Digital Storefronts

Wingsys interactive digital storefronts have arrived to revolutionize brand communication, transforming any showcase into a window to the future. These innovative solutions have replaced traditional and static storefronts, offering an important competitive advantage. When companies turn to Wingsys digital storefronts, they stand out from the competition. These giant screens can be updated remotely and allow two-way and more impactful communication. With its professional monitors and touch screens, it is possible to provide more information and content directed to the interests and requirements of its customers. Interactive storefronts are ideal for communicating products, services, notices and promotions in an efficient and innovative way.

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The Interactive Showcase MI002 adapts to any glass surface allowing an intuitive and dynamic interaction with the public. Its lacquered aluminum support and the PCAP touch screen combine to offer an impactful communication through a digital storefront.

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