Digital Totems

  • Catchy advertising
  • Location and wayfinding
  • Information available 24/7 for the user
  • Management and remote access
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
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If the world moves at high speed, do not stop it! Help eliminate the need to stop or wait in line for information. The Wingsys wide range of Digital Totems establishes a dynamic bridge between the brand and a global audience with no time to waste. With a modern and durable design, these innovative structures communicate in a clear, dynamic and appealing way, wherever they are. Connect with the public in a more interactive and efficient way, providing a pleasant experience with these solutions that leave no one indifferent.

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This interactive totem model is ideal to use at the entrance of your store or company, as a virtual attendant or as an information point. It can also be applied in marketing and advertising or even as a location map and wayfinding solution. We have the solution you are looking for, adjustable to your needs.


The Wingsys IQ Series represents multimedia Digital Totems able to serve different needs. Each model has been designed to fulfil a specific function and can incorporate more than one screen. Digital Totem QI001 is ideal to stand out on commercial surfaces for digital signage, promoting brands, products or services. Because we are producers, we create solutions adjusted to your requirements in different sizes and colours, with the possibility of a double screen.


The Wingsys QX Series is part of the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) which designates totems specifically created for outdoor environments. The QX001 model is undoubtedly the most robust and resistant solution in this family of interactive outdoor totem. Due to its characteristics, it resists adverse weather conditions and acts of vandalism.


The Wingsys QX Series is part of the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) communication that designates Digital Totems specifically created for the outdoor environment. The QX003 model is the most elegant model in this family and our customers’ favourite for "Smart Point" solutions, which stand out in an urban environment. With a robust structure and an anti-graffiti coating, this Digital Totem is ideal for outdoor spaces.


The QXI003 Digital Totem was designed for indoor environments. Its minimalist design of straight lines adapts to any type of environment and helps to attract attention. Its applications are very diverse and can be customized in terms of colours and logos. You can also include in your structure a practical support for magazines or catalogues.


The TA007P Digital Totem belongs to the same Series as the award-winning Wingsys interactive table. This model maintains all the characteristics of the TA007 group, but with vertical orientation. With award-winning design and quality, it is the ideal solution to disseminate information in a captivating and interactive way or can be used as hardware for digital signage software. It can be customized in terms of colours or logos.


The model TA007PDF is a Digital Totem that offers a double-sided structure with a screen on each one. Due to its high-quality design and structure, this is the ideal solution to disseminate interactive information in different environments. It is possible to use two screens simultaneously in the same equipment. The vertical double-sided structure can be customized in terms of colours or logos.


The TA007Q Digital Totem is oriented for individual use when text entry via a virtual keyboard is required. Its horizontal orientation and the 45º inclination were defined to facilitate the reading and writing in this equipment.


The TA007W Digital Totem has a simple design, similar to a digital photo frame that is affixed to the wall. You can change the orientation (horizontal or vertical) as desired. This elegant model is ideal for disseminating interactive information tailored to the needs of each situation and very effectively. Its structure is customizable in colour and with the application of a vinyl logo.

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We offer a short or long term rental service, with equipment for specific actions, fairs, congresses or events in Portugal and abroad. See here which products are available and discover the advantages of our rental service.

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