Interactive Equipment Accessories

  • Complement and make the most of your interactive system with our accessories
Interactive Equipment Accessories

Complement Wingsys devices with the latest accessories to further enhance the user’s experience. Pens, cameras, holders, and complete systems for videoconferencing are some of the examples of what we can offer. Our accessories are very diverse and available to all Wingsys display solutions. They are all adjustable to different dimensions and very simple to assemble, including a practical assembly manual. Achieve the best and most immersive experience by choosing the right accessories for every need.

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Complementary accessory for temperature measurement and mask detection, specially designed for children and people with disabilities. This product is used in conjunction with the Hygistation kiosk.


Spacefix is ​​an innovative wall mount, which allows you to raise and lower the display, suitable for Wingsys interactive solutions. Based on tension technology, it allows you to move your screen vertically with a very little effort. It is adaptable to several dimensions/inches and does not require an electrical connection.


This USB HD Webcam is suitable for integration into Wingsys interactive screens.

Chrome Box

The Chrome Box is the best solution for schools and businesses that want to make the most of Wingsys interactive screens. It allows access to content in a faster and safer way, with all necessary updates guaranteed.


This OPS PC module ensures better performance for our interactive screens and digital signage solutions applications.

Poly Videoconferencing System

Thanks to a solid partnership with Poly, a leader in video and voice solutions, Wingsys presents the most modern solutions for video conferences. Poly's video conferencing system features exceptional stereo sound with high clarity and quality.

Sennheiser SP 30 audio system

The Sennheiser SP 30 is an audio conference speaker system designed for professionals seeking flexibility in using WIP interactive screens during their conferences. With a discreet and compact design, this module allows you to organize conferences for up to 8 participants.


Mobile support to fixate Wingsys interactive displays, adaptable to various dimensions and inches. Very simple to assemble (with screws, rubbers and installation guide included).

WMST Mobile support

The WMST mobile support is perfect to fixate and comfortably carry Wingsys interactive screens and it is adjustable to multiple dimensions and inches. A perfect and easy to assemble solution to give more mobility to your display.

WEMST Electric Mobile Support

The WEMST Mobile Electric support allows you to fixate and transport your Wingsys interactive screens. It is ideal for transforming your display into different models, such as "Presentation Mode" or "Interactive Table Mode".


Wingsys Catchbox microphones increase audience connection and interest through more active participation. By adding an unique fun factor without diminishing the importance of the topic, we allow everyone to unleash their creativity and feel free to launch brilliant ideas in the training room or other knowledge sharing spaces.

Did you know that you can also rent our interactive equipment?

We offer a short or long term rental service, with equipment for specific actions, fairs, congresses or events in Portugal and abroad. See here which products are available and discover the advantages of our rental service.

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