The Wingsys Kiosks of the IT005 Series include the IT005C, IT005W and IT005M models that can work in several ways and incorporate multiple solutions. We offer the placement of a logo on vinyl.

Available for touch screens and tablets from 10" to 22"

Lacquered steel with matt paint in any RAL colour and glass.

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Model Description

The IT005 Series includes:

  • The IT005C model, which can function as an independent support fixed to the floor.
  • The IT005W model, which can be fixed to a wall.
  • The IT005M model, which can be placed under a table or counter.

These types of equipment were specially designed to incorporate a series of components of your choice. They can include a ticket printer and use them for queue management, for example. These solutions can also incorporate:

  • Card (or passport) readers;
  • QR Scanners;
  • Biometric Scanners;
  • Anti-vandal keyboards.

Technical Specifications

For more information download the Spec Sheet


Specifications (standard model IT005C):
Tablet or multi-touch screen
Dimensions (WxHxD): 1150 x 1400 x 550 mm
Power 100 - 240V Ac
Sound System - 2 10W Speakers (Optional)
Intel Nuc Computer (Optional)
Thermal Printer (Optional)
Card Reader (Optional)
IOS or Android Operating System
External Connectors
Other components on request

What do you get with this technology?

Customizable structure

Its lacquered steel structure can be customized to best match the intended setting in each context. You can select any colour from the RAL colour chart to personalize the lining of these kiosks, as well as your company logo.

Stylish and multifunctional solution

The enormous diversity of components that you can incorporate into these interactive Wingsys solutions means that you can use them for multiple functionalities, according to your needs. Its minimalist design facilitates transport and allows you to captivate attention and adapt to any space.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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