Wingsys Interactive Display with PCAP technology, perfect for use in meeting rooms, with customers, partners or co-workers. It allows you to combine, in your presentations, the whiteboard system and the notes tool. An interactive touch solution that makes collaboration easier and more dynamic!

4K Ultra HD

Dimensions (WxHxD):
55’’: 1269 x 747 x 87mm
65’’: 1493 x 872 x 88mm


Model Description

Wingsys Interactive Display with PCAP technology, perfect for use in meeting rooms, with customers, partners or co-workers. Designed to share digital content from multiple screens simultaneously, wirelessly and with total security. Combine the whiteboard system and the notes tool in your presentations. This display, highly sensitive to interactive touch, makes collaboration easier and more dynamic!

Available in 55” and 65”, this interactive screen system features:

  • Wireless mirroring;
  • 4k Ultra HD resolution;
  • Hardware locking system;
  • USB stick module;
  • Wall mounting bracket;
  • Wifi / Bluetooth and Open Pluggable Specification (OPS).

As the need for collaborative workspaces increases, so does the demand for technology-adjusted to multiple business areas. Wingsys offers solutions, through interactive panels with free applications and software designed to meet business requirements.

It can also be used for the classroom environment, enhancing cooperative learning.

Discover a complete solution, simple to use and install, low maintenance and without subscription costs, designed for more than 50,000 hours of use.

Implement collaboration with more freedom and greater efficiency between multiple users.

Technical Specifications

For more information download the Spec Sheet


Available in 55” and 65”
Interactive whiteboard: one-touch & go
Wireless mirroring
PCAP touch technology with 20 touches simultaneously
4K Ultra HD resolution
Hardware locking system
USB stick module included
Wall mounting bracket included
Wifi included and Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)

What do you get with this technology?

Free and easy collaboration

Breakthrough the barriers of conventional meetings, WIPCAP makes work more efficient and collaborative, wirelessly connecting multiple terminals and multiple people in a simple way. Avoid wasting time with this solution and simplify team communication.

More effective communication

Ensure free and unlimited collaboration through an ultra-thin display, capable of creating an extraordinary view. Intelligent writing unleashes your imagination and PCAP touch technology offers a smooth and fluid writing experience.

Stimulates teamwork

The possibility of interaction between several screens at the same time eliminates the limitation of cables and allows a more free and agile collaboration. Enjoy a collaborative and highly efficient tool that simplifies and encourages teamwork.


Let’s move on to interaction?


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