Challenge: MEDWAY is a renowned company that operates in the field of logistics and rail transport. It is the largest private operator in the Iberian Peninsula dedicated to the transport of goods by rail.
For MEDWAY, improving its training aspect for train drivers represents a fundamental aspect. Thus, the need arose to modernize the technological resources of its training services, as well as its meeting rooms, through the installation of innovative interactive equipment.

Solution: Wingsys has advanced and versatile solutions to optimize communication and facilitate and dynamize all types of training actions, whether in person or remotely.
Wingsys interactive flat panel displays were installed both in the training room and in the MEDWAY meeting room. The transmission of information in theoretical and practical classes, which include the use of simulators, has undergone a notable improvement.

Results: With Wingsys interactive solutions, trainees, trainers and all those involved in MEDWAY meetings will now benefit from the most advanced technology.
The dissemination of information will be more efficient at MEDWAY. All content formats can be used to transmit what you want in a simple and fast way. With the option of natural writing directly on the interactive screen, these devices become intuitive and multifunctional communication tools.
All communication became more dynamic and captivating and the amount of resources available for classes and meetings was greatly expanded. Accessing, sharing and exposing information was made easier with the implementation of Wingsys interactive solutions.

Interactive Products used


Wingsys Interactive Displays are designed with infrared and the latest touch screen technology. A solution that combines interactive technology with intuitive use for businesses or schools.