Challenge: The Tivoli hotel chain wanted to communicate with potential customers who circulate nearby their Hotel at the Vilamoura Marina, in Algarve.

Solution: Installation of TA007P indoor Digital Totems and QX003 outdoor Digital Totems in the Vilamoura Marina space, with information about the services and campaigns of the Tivoli hotel, made available remotely through the Digital Signage software.

Results: Thanks to these interactive Wingsys solutions, users got to know products and campaigns. Many end up entering to collect more information or to make reservations, both in the hotel and in the restaurant.

Interactive Products used


The Wingsys QX Series is part of the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) communication that designates Digital Totems specifically created for the outdoor environment. The QX003 model is the most elegant model in this family and our customers’ favourite for "Smart Point" solutions, which stand out in an urban environment. With a robust structure and an anti-graffiti coating, this Digital Totem is ideal for outdoor spaces.


The TA007P Digital Totem belongs to the same Series as the award-winning Wingsys interactive table. This model maintains all the characteristics of the TA007 group, but with vertical orientation. With award-winning design and quality, it is the ideal solution to disseminate information in a captivating and interactive way or can be used as hardware for digital signage software. It can be customized in terms of colours or logos.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Software is a solution for Intelligent Digital Signage that meets the specific requirements of commercial environments. It is a web-based content creation and management software. It adapts to different sectors of the market using the best and latest digital resources.