Spacefix is ​​an innovative wall mount, which allows you to raise and lower the display, suitable for Wingsys interactive solutions. Based on tension technology, it allows you to move your screen vertically with a very little effort. It is adaptable to several dimensions/inches and does not require an electrical connection.

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Accessory Description

The Spacefix height-adjustable stand allows you to move your interactive screen with maximum safety and reliability, without much effort. Thanks to tension technology, the movement is done quickly and easily with just one hand.
It is the perfect solution to adapt the height of your interactive screen to different moments and needs. Because it is so easy to handle, it becomes an ergonomic, comfortable and inclusive solution.
With its compact design, it creates no space between the screen and the wall, which allows for greater profitability and optimization. It supports up to 95kg and is suitable for screens between 42” to 86”.

Technical Specifications

Compact design
Suitable for screens from 42 to 86 inches
Vertical movement up to 400mm
Effortless vertical adjustment
Easy to transport, assemble and use
Invisible behind the screen
Can be adapted to the wall or mobile supports
Maximum supported weight: 95kg


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