Kiosk for hand hygiene and body temperature measurement. A combined Wingsys solution, which incorporates an information display, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and the body temperature measurement function.

Dimensions (WxHxD):
420 x 1660 x 425 mm

Lacquered steel with matt paint in any RAL color and glass.

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Model Description

Hygistation is a combined Wingsys solution that incorporates an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and a professional display for measuring body temperature. At the same time, it keeps users informed about offers and events through its display.

Hygistation is an innovative solution to meet an emerging need for health control and spread of diseases prevention, keeping people safer and more informed while attending social areas. The mandatory use of masks in these spaces and the need to disinfect hands at the entrance can be more controlled with this multifunctional product.


  • Ease of maintenance and refilling of disinfectant liquid;
  • System for fixing to the floor and access to the inside of the kiosk by key;
  • Possibility to add a queue management system, by SMS or “Secure Password” voice system, card readers, Scan, QR Code or other peripherals.

Technical Specifications

Lacquered steel structure in any RAL colour
8.0" IPS LCD screen
Ethernet and wireless (WIFI)
RK3288 quad-core CPU
2 million pixel, wide dynamic binocular camera
Measurement of body temperature (50 cm away, contactless and fast)
Facial recognition (with a database of 30,000 IDs and identification of strangers)
Temperature sensors
Sound Speaker
LCD monitor
Automatic sensor dispenser
Identification and validation of mask use
Setting the temperature range and alerts

What do you get with this technology?

Versatile solution

Solutions such as the Hygistation Kiosk can be used in spaces such as restaurants, concert halls, stadiums, shops, cafes, train stations, airports, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and many others. In addition to measuring body temperature, it works as a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser and its display can also show personalized information for each context.

More hygiene and more safety

Due to contactless use, the Hygistation Kiosk provides more security in accessing the spaces where it is located. It is a very effective technological solution in preventing the transmission of diseases in areas with a large number of people.

Multiple applications

In addition to all health control applications, this innovative Wingsys kiosk can also be used for other purposes. It can be used as an access and attendance control system of employees, for example, and it also has applications for information and / or advertising purposes.


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Complementary accessory for temperature measurement and mask detection, specially designed for children and people with disabilities. This product is used in conjunction with the Hygistation kiosk.

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