Digital kiosk for highly versatile queue management. With a modern and minimalist design, this Interactive Kiosk is composed of a support and a screen frame that can easily be replaced by others with different features and dimensions.

Dimensions (WxHxD):
470 x 1340 x 400 mm

Lacquered steel with matt paint in any RAL color and glass.

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Model Description

The Interactive Kiosk IT008C combines an elegantly designed stand and a screen frame. What distinguishes it is the versatility of its components that allows it to adjust the equipment to any environment and need.

In the support, it is possible to easily incorporate ticket printers, barcode scanners, card readers or other equipment, changing the front cover.

In terms of the multitouch screen, just unhook the frame to quickly have an Interactive Kiosk with a 10”, 15” or 21” screen, depending on what you want.

The user is able, in a simple way, to replace the components of this Interactive Kiosk in order to adapt it to his requirements at all times.

Technical Specifications

Professional Screen
• Multitouch PCAP
• Available in 10”, 15” or 21”
• Resolution up to 1920 x 1080
IT008C Interactive Kiosk
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 470 x 1340 x 400 mm
• Modules for screens of different sizes
• Thermal Printer (Optional)
• Barcode Scanner (Optional)
• Card Reader (Optional)
• Queuing Software (Optional)
• Anti-Vandalic Keyboard (Optional)

What do you get with this technology?

Customizable equipment

There is a wide variety of options for customizing this equipment. Both the support and the screen of the IT008C Interactive Kiosks are easily adjustable to different sizes and features. Simply remove the socket from the display frame to replace it with a different one. In the support, it is possible to integrate different equipment, such as ticket printers, barcode scanners or card readers, through a simple change of the front cover.

Versatile and elegant solution

The wide variety of options available in terms of equipment and the ease with which they are incorporated in the Interactive Kiosk IT008C make this a very versatile solution. Its simple line design invites the user to interact and adapts to any environment. Also in terms of aesthetics, it is possible to customize the coating of this solution using any color in the RAL catalog.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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