Wingsys Pegasus Interactive Flat Panel Displays were designed with the latest touchscreen technology that stimulate interactivity, productivity and involvement in every classroom or meetings. These new equipment represent an ideal solution for schools and companies. Versatile, intuitive and simple to use, Pegasus interactive displays invite interaction and provide a new way to communicate.

4K Ultra HD IPS

Dimensions (WxHxD):
86'': 1957 x 1160 x 86 mm

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Model Description

Pegasus interactive displays are the result of the latest technological advances in touch panels - a new generation of digital whiteboards. Compatible with several operating systems, these devices can be used to communicate, make video calls and presentations, participate in meetings, conferences or complement face-to-face and remote teaching. Write and draw like a free spirit. The touch system feels so natural and smooth like writing on real paper. Simply use your finger or a pen and write as fast as you can. Use your hand palm for easy erasing without switching tools.

These interactive displays are available in 86” and offer multiple features:

  • Touch interactive whiteboard;
  • Wireless mirroring;
  • Connectable with any TV box;
  • High quality video call;
  • Natural IR writing experience;
  • Quiz software for multiple participants;
  • 4K Ultra HD IPS resolution;
  • Android 8.0 (included);
  • RAM 4GB;
  • ROM 32GB;
  • Wifi/Bluetooth (included) and SLOT PC OPS;
  • Light sensor, for greater energy efficiency;
  • Hardware blocking via USB PEN, for greater security and confidentiality of contents;
  • Front columns;
  • Wall mounting bracket (included).

The growing trend towards remote work and online teaching (or in a hybrid model) leads to the development of technological solutions capable of responding to these new realities.
Wingsys interactive flat panel displays adapt to educational and business contexts through their interactive devices but also through the applications and software required in each situation.
Discover a solution that offers everything you need, easy to install and use, designed for a lifetime of over 50,000 hours of use.
Open the door to the future and convenience with Wingsys interactive solutions.

Technical Specifications

For more information download the Spec Sheet.

Available in 86”
Touch interactive whiteboard
Wireless mirroring
Connectable to any TV box
High quality video call
Natural IR writing experience
4K Ultra HD IPS resolution
Android 8.0 included
Wifi/Bluetooth included and SLOT for PC OPS
Light sensor for greater energy efficiency
Hardware lock via USB PEN
Front columns
Wall mounting bracket included

What do you get with this technology?

More dynamic and efficient collaboration

The Pegasus interactive screen innovates in collaborative work, both in the context of remote work and in person, in classrooms and meeting rooms. This versatile all-in-one solution facilitates teamwork, optimizing cooperation and connecting multiple people at the same time.

Highly effective communication

Combine all types and formats of content and create more effective and immersive presentations. This equipment can also be used as a touch-sensitive whiteboard, allowing you to write on its surface using your fingertips or a pen. IR touch technology provides a pleasant and natural writing experience.

Interaction from anywhere

The possibility of simplified access and content sharing facilitates interaction, both in the same space and remotely, through video calls or video conferences. With this collaborative tool, it is possible to bring stakeholders together and encourage participation and interaction among all.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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