WIP Pegasus V7 was designed with infrared technology, a professional multitouch screen foil and Android 11 operating system. This is a solution that combines interactive technology with intuitive use for the business or educational sector, now with a Standard (CPU A55X4; 4GB RAM; 32GB ROM - 65", 75" and 86") and Pro (A73X4 CPU; 8GB RAM; 64GB ROM - 65" and 75") version.

4K Ultra HD IPS

Dimensions (WxHxD):
65’’: 1488.4 x 87.2 x 896.6 mm
75": 1709 x 88 x 1020 mm
86": 1957 x 100 x 1160 mm

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Model Description

WIP Pegasus V7 4K displays allow users to easily collaborate, save and share ideas interactively and digitally in meeting rooms and classrooms. It is optimal for leading classrooms or meetings including whiteboard, note taking, web browser, screen sharing and recording, and more. With Bytello Share, you can share and receive content between the IFP and Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS Devices using the included application or using Miracast, ChromeCast or AirPlay (up to 9 devices split screen at one time). Bytello DMS software included for bulk remote management, status monitoring, volume control, broadcasting and more. With one USB-C cable users can share content, allow 2-way touch, and charge your device with 65W Power Delivery. Connect to a variety of resources and provide a great interactive multimedia environment with 20 point touch, two 16 watt speakers, and a multitude of ports including USB, video, Bluetooth and wired/wireless networking.

These interactive displays are available in 65”, 75” and 86” and offer multiple features:

  • Android 11 system with easy to use built in applications for leading classrooms and meetings interactively with the audience;
  • 4K Interactive Display with 20 point touch;
  • Standard (CPU A55X4; 4GB RAM; 32GB ROM) and Pro (A73X4 CPU; 8GB RAM; 64GB ROM) version;
  • Wired and Wireless Networking included with Internet access and screen sharing to and from almost any device;
  • USB-C connection allows screen sharing, 2-way touch, and charges your device with 65W Power Delivery with one cable;
  • 2 x 16W Speakers and Bluetooth wireless Connectivity;
  • 5 year subscription of Bytello DMS software included for bulk remote management;
  • Includes heavy duty wall mount for fast deployment;
  • Less eye fatigue with reduced blue light emission.

Wingsys interactive flat panel displays adapt to educational and business contexts through their interactive devices but also through the applications and software required in each situation.
Discover a solution that offers everything you need, easy to install and use, designed for a lifetime of over 50,000 hours of use.
Open the door to the future and convenience with Wingsys interactive solutions.

Technical Specifications

For more information download the Spec Sheet.

Available in 65”, 75” and 86”
Touch interactive whiteboard
Wireless mirroring
Connectable to any TV box
High quality video call
Natural IR writing experience
4K Ultra HD resolution
Android 11 included
Standard Version: CPU A55X4; 4GB RAM; 32GB ROM
Pro Version: A73X4 CPU; 8GB RAM; 64GB ROM
Wifi/Bluetooth included and SLOT for PC OPS
Light sensor for greater energy efficiency
TUV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certification
Bytello Share
Wall mounting bracket included

What do you get with this technology?

Main features

Better 4K image quality, 20 touch points (10 writing), possibility of connecting to wireless or wired network, screen sharing, Android 11.0 and less eye fatigue with reduced blue light emission.

Simplified access

Eliminate compatibility issues and access restrictions. In addition to the HDMI inputs, use the screen sharing software on any device or operating system (Windows, Android or Mac).

Portuguese brand

Creating high-quality multimedia presentations just got easier. Integrate applications, videos, access web content and present ideas or material on a Portuguese branded display with 4K image and stereo sound.

Effective communication

Present the intended content and gather immediate feedback. At the end, share the summary and essential notes for more effective communication.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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Acessórios Complementares

WICAM Camera

This USB HD Webcam is suitable for integration into Wingsys interactive screens.

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