Digital Signage Software is a solution for Intelligent Digital Signage that meets the specific requirements of commercial environments. It is a web-based content creation and management software. It adapts to different sectors of the market using the best and latest digital resources.

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Software Description

Digital Signage Software is a content management solution optimized for webOS signage. With the capacity to support multiple monitors and accounts, it can be linked to external databases to allow access to the server from mobile devices.
Digital Signage is a multifunctional management software that includes a Computer Editor that allows you to create and edit content and a Web Editor on the server side.
With simple and intuitive menus and several layout options, this software increases the efficiency in creating, editing, scheduling and distributing content on its interactive screens or Digital Totems.

Technical Specifications

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Allows you to create playlists
You can start work from any stage
Embedded models have fixed or customizable layouts
Includes a schedule for appointments
Allows you to create playlists and define the duration of the content
You can distribute content via USB or remotely
Screen volume control
Allows you to edit the image, text, video and background colour

What do you get with this technology?

Remote access

The Digital Signage Software is intuitive to use, without the need for programming knowledge. It allows you to remotely access the contents that are in display mode and control several screens simultaneously and in real-time. It allows the optimization and updating of information on your interactive devices from a mobile device.

Entertainment and information

With this Wingsys software solution you can spread all kinds of information about your company, services or products. Show advertising, campaigns, catalogues or any other type of information on an interactive timeline on your displays. You can also provide users with a fun experience, through fun games or interactive tests. Digital Signage Software combines information and entertainment.

Total control

This software offers the possibility of pre-scheduling multi channel content through a specific schedule. With this solution, you will be able to remotely schedule and control specific content (images and videos). Simply insert them into the backoffice platform to be transmitted dynamically on interactive screens or on Wingsys Digital Totems.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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