The Wallboard Software is a digital signage solution for creating and managing content remotely. It allows you to respond to all the specifics of your business, through a wide range of online tools and models.

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Software Description

With the Wallboard software, you can manage, locally or remotely, the screens and contents of your devices, through a secure and stable cloud service.

Create, edit, schedule and publish content for your screens in advance. You can import an existing template, choose one of the templates available in the library or even create your own layout. With more than 30 sensors and touch technology, it is possible to transform your touch screens into interactive screens without resorting to programming. Easily build integrated digital menus, interactive displays for retail or live KPI metrics reporting, real-time data presentations, meeting room displays connected to the work system and much more.

In addition to compatibility with Wingsys systems, this software can also be integrated with the most used operating systems (such as Android, Windows, BrightSign, LG® and Samsung®).

Technical Specifications

Allows you to manage the screen remotely: turn on, turn off, restart, adjust settings, etc.
Content management can be done from the cloud or locally
Allows the creation of multiple users, with different levels of access
It is compatible with many external data integration systems
Building interactive content does not require coding
Allows you to create playlists
The back office works through a 'drag and drop' system
Provides a library of content templates

What do you get with this technology?

Remote and intuitive access

The Wallboard software allows you to access content and control the different screens in real time. The 'drag and drop' system makes it more intuitive to use and allows you to create new models, edit existing models and build interactive content without needing any programming skills.

Entertainment and information

With this Wingsys software solution you can provide information in a more appealing way on your screens. Advertising, catalogs, menus, news, images, videos are some examples. But it is even possible to communicate data in real time. To make the experience more dynamic, content can stimulate interaction with screens, combining information and entertainment.

Total control

Do you prefer to update data on the spot, or schedule in advance? Can the server be cloud based or installed locally? With the Wallboard software, you have full autonomy to decide how you want to manage the contents of the screens.


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