Challenge: The CR7 Museum, in Funchal, is where the history of Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo is represented. This space needed technological solutions to present the main moments of the athlete in photography and video.

Solution: Development and installation of a Wingsys TA007T interactive table adapted to the customer's needs. The height and support of the equipment were adapted for users with special needs and reduced mobility. This solution was complemented with the Business Composer multi-touch software to immersively display all content.

Results: Thanks to the combination of these Wingsys interactive solutions, visitors to the CR7 Museum can consult the information about the life of the Portuguese "star" through a touch technology experience The contents are presented in images, videos, games and PDFs, providing an engaging experience. The CR7 Museum has thus become more technological, interactive and inclusive.

Interactive Products used


The TA007T interactive tables are the premium model of this segment, standing out for its versatility. They can be sold with specific software for the most diverse areas, from hospitality and public administration to education and tourism, for example. Its robust structure and high quality take the interactive experience to the next level.

Business Composer

This interactive software offers a wide range of fully customizable applications. Present your company's products or services in an innovative way by creating interactive and engaging experiences.