This interactive software offers a wide range of fully customizable applications. Present your company's products or services in an innovative way by creating interactive and engaging experiences.

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Software Description

Business Composer Software is intuitive and easy to use, requiring no programming skills. It has a set of applications and a wide variety of configurable options, so you can create interactive experiences with the look you want and fully aligned with your business area.
This Wingsys software allows you to present your own content in a multi-touch environment, through photos, videos, brochures or even games.
If you are not available to create your interactive experiences, or if you want some support in this process, you can contact us. Tell us what you want and we develop the content you are looking for in the format that best fits your goals.
The Business Composer Software allows users to download all content in real-time, simply by entering an email contact.

Technical Specifications

The same price for 24 different applications
Unlimited use of applications
Intuitive configuration tool
Drawing marker function (for drawing custom transparent impact areas)
Animated marker options (make your markers more visible and let them automatically play as an animation)
Presentation tool to create a media wall
Fun games and multiplayer tests
Weather, clock and / or ticker tape widgets
Multi-touch or single-touch use
Offer of 1 year of technical support and updates
Compatible with Windows OS
Supports more than 15 languages
Online license management

What do you get with this technology?

Personalized experiences

The Business Composer Software is simple to use, without the need to have programming knowledge. You can easily create interactive multi-touch experiences to present your products or services in an innovative way. You have thousands of applications to choose from to customize according to your business area.

Immersive experiences

Using Business Composer Software on Wingsys devices will provide users with unique and engaging interactive experiences. The quality of our hardware allows simultaneous multi-touch use to promote sharing and collaborative work. These solutions also allow you to download the content presented in a simple way.


This software offers a fantastic multi-touch experience to users, you can use it in multiple places such as malls, stores, fairs, museums, classrooms, hotels, restaurants or others. Highlight your company through photos, videos, brochures, questionnaires, games and even websites, in a multi-touch environment.teste


Let’s move on to interaction?

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