Challenge: Superbrands is an independent international organization dedicated to the identification and promotion of Brands of Excellence in 89 countries. Every year, it holds the Gala Superbrands where it identifies the Brands in Portugal that are acting above and beyond the competitors in their area and which has the participation of various entities and companies. For this event, I tried to convey differently as much information as possible about the selected brands.

Solution: Rental of the TA007T interactive table with modern and elegant lines and intuitive Business Composer software to display the contents of each award-winning brand, such as images, videos, websites and PDFs.

Results: The event was a success! The guests had the opportunity to search interactively, alone or in groups, organized information about each brand, creating a unique experience.

Interactive Products used


The TA007T interactive tables are the premium model of this segment, standing out for its versatility. They can be sold with specific software for the most diverse areas, from hospitality and public administration to education and tourism, for example. Its robust structure and high quality take the interactive experience to the next level.


The TA007P Digital Totem belongs to the same Series as the award-winning Wingsys interactive table. This model maintains all the characteristics of the TA007 group, but with vertical orientation. With award-winning design and quality, it is the ideal solution to disseminate information in a captivating and interactive way or can be used as hardware for digital signage software. It can be customized in terms of colours or logos.

Business Composer

This interactive software offers a wide range of fully customizable applications. Present your company's products or services in an innovative way by creating interactive and engaging experiences.