Virtual and Distance Learning

Make online classes at home easier for your students with our interactive solutions for remote teaching.

  • Teach from the classroom at the educational institution or from home;
  • Provide dynamic and collaborative learning experiences;
  • Involve the whole class with stimulating educational resources;
  • Apply the advantages of technology for safe and immersive online teaching.

Find out how the Wingsys interactive online learning solution works.

How it works?

This solution for distance learning allows the teacher to teach his classes from the classroom or from his home, since all the equipment can be installed anywhere with internet access.

Through a set of technological equipment, students have access to online classes at home, in total security.

In this remote teaching model, teachers and students benefit from a more dynamic and interactive teaching-learning experience, in real time.

The teacher can interact with the class while watching and listening to each student, through a secondary screen, as well as all students see the teacher through the videoconference system.

Wingsys Virtual Classroom

The current public health situation has created educational needs that led Wingsys - Interactive Technology to develop Wingsys Virtual Classroom, a remote and face-to-face interactive classroom solution that aims to "Connect Education":

• Empower schools with technological solutions necessary to implement distance and hybrid education;
• Ensure the continuity of teaching of all programmed content in a collaborative and controlled environment, in which the teacher has total pedagogical control over the class;
• Ensure a real-time interaction between teacher and students, with high image and sound quality;
• Enhance interactive experiences with multiple contents that engage the students and facilitate learning.

What is included in this Solution?

  • WIP interactive display of 65", 75’’ or 86’’ with several pedagogical tools of the teacher (where he manages the whole class, writes, edits and shares content);
  • Additional monitor of 65" Ultra HD (4K), with Wifi and 16/7 capacity, where the teacher and the classroom see all participants online;
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse set to make it easier for teachers to use all Windows resources;
  • Lavalier microphone for teachers for complete freedom of movement;
  • Compatibility with any collaboration platform (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, or others);
  • Respective supports to ensure mobility of the solution and adaptation to any classroom;
  • Wimodule PC, a Windows PC with the ability to connect the different equipment;
  • Base videoconference kit for maximum connection between teacher and students in an online environment (one 4K camera) or for a mixed environment (two 4K cameras + 1 expansion microphone);
  • Plus version: Replacement of the Base Kit by the Plus videoconference kit for maximum connection between teacher and students, ideal for amphitheaters and auditoriums in a mixed collaborative environment (trhee 4K 360º cameras + 1 expansion microphone).

Optional: ZOOM for Education software

How to install Wingsys Virtual Classroom?

Step 1
Install the WIP Interactive Display directly on the wall or on the mobile stand

Step 2
Insert the WIMODULE PC into the WIP Interactive Display

Step 3
Mount the Poly Studio camera (aimed at the teacher) on the mobile stand

Step 4
Mount the secondary monitor on the mobile stand

Step 5
Connect the Poly Studio camera, the secondary screen, the microphone and the keyboard with WIMODULE

Step 6
Open the collaboration platform (ZOOM, TEAMS or other) on Windows 10 on WIMODULE PC

Step 7
Drag the collaboration platform window to the secondary monitor

Step 8
All done, you can start the online class!

FAQs about Online Classes at Home

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Our Products for Virtual and Distance Learning


Wingsys Interactive Displays are designed with infrared and the latest touch screen technology. A solution that combines interactive technology with intuitive use for businesses or schools.


This OPS PC module ensures better performance for our interactive screens and digital signage solutions applications.

Poly Videoconferencing System

Thanks to a solid partnership with Poly, a leader in video and voice solutions, Wingsys presents the most modern solutions for video conferences. Poly's video conferencing system features exceptional stereo sound with high clarity and quality.

WMST Mobile support

The WMST mobile support is perfect to fixate and comfortably carry Wingsys interactive screens and it is adjustable to multiple dimensions and inches. A perfect and easy to assemble solution to give more mobility to your display.