The Wingsys EMS08 charging station is extremely useful for storing and recharging electronic devices in complete safety.teste

Dimensions (WxHxD):
500 x 660 x 400mm

Charges up to 16 devices

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Model Description

The Wingsys EMS08 charging station allows you to transport, store and charge multiple tablets simultaneously. This portable case is made of high-strength plastic and has IP64 protection to safely charge multiple devices at the same time. It is available in several sizes and is the perfect solution to securely store and recharge all devices in an organization until the next use.

Technical Specifications

Extendable carrying handle
2 wheels
4 locks
High-density foam for interior protection
2.1A Power Output (maximum)
Maximum capacity for 16 devices
Interrupter with light indicator and overcharge protection
Supports all types of USB charging devices
Height with wheels - 66 cm
Width - 50 cm
Depth - 40 cm
Approximate weight - 18 kg

What do you get with this technology?

Easy and fast device charger

With this station, you can quickly charge 16 devices. It is a solution that makes it easy to charge the battery so you can enjoy your electronic devices.teste


Our charging stations are a safe solution that prevents theft, damage and overloading. The robust structure protects your equipment.


You can transport the charging station and its electronic devices at the same time, anywhere.


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