Challenge: The Municipality of Guimarães intended to offer tablets and interactive tables to schools. In total, the investment was €321.082,60, plus VAT, in schools EB 2, 3 de Briteiros and EB1 de Vermis, Agrupamento Virgínia Moura. The goal was to help develop skills promotion in children between 3 and 6 years old, improve day-to-day problem solving, make them more resilient and teach them to share and respect each other. The project also included the kindergarten and Basic School n.1 of the 1st cycle of the city.

Solution: Installation of TA007K interactive tables adapted for children in schools in the municipality, with educational software that provides educational games and EMS08 charging stations useful for storing and recharging electronic devices in complete safety.

Results: The distribution of 156 portable computers, 64 desktop computers, 14 interactive tables and 532 tablets that were incorporated into 45 transport and battery charging cases, in addition to the respective support software, allowed them to rotate between different educational establishments and enabled more collaborative and interactive learning, with more motivated and interested students in classes.

Interactive Products used


Children are the future, so we created a multi-touch interactive table adapted for the little ones. Make learning more dynamic and fun! This interactive table can be sold with educational software, games, learning or exercise sheets, video resources and many others, available in several languages. The top glass can be silk-screened in a personalized way, with any image or logo.


The Wingsys EMS08 charging station is extremely useful for storing and recharging electronic devices in complete safety.teste


The Wingsys Educational Software is a versatile solution, available in different languages and that facilitates the learning processes, both for children and educators.