The Wingsys Educational Software is a versatile solution, available in different languages and that facilitates the learning processes, both for children and educators.

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Software Description

The Wingsys Educational Software will bring interactivity to the teaching / learning spaces. It is ideal for distance or face-to-face teaching because it offers access (anytime and anywhere) to classes developed by the teacher and aligned by default.

It is the only educational technology software that allows you to divide the multi-touch screen into personalized and independent zones. It provides a safe environment for online collaboration and allows simultaneous personalized instructions to improve the collaborative experience between students.

Wingsys Educational Software transforms the classroom, providing more active, fun, motivating and engaging learning.
It has a set of interactive multi-touch educational applications, designed specifically to help the little ones learn while playing!

Technical Specifications

Applications available in educational software:
• Puzzles
• Animal games
• Word games
• Planetarium
• Drawing
• Habitat
• Gravity
• Geography
• Human Body
• Mathematics
• Geometric shapes

What do you get with this technology?

Access to thousands of content

This software allows you to use thousands of content previously created by teachers. Educators save time on research for their next class by using these educational resources. The lessons available in the software were prepared and made available on the platform by other teachers.

Collaborative and multilingual teaching

The Wingsys Educational Software is the only one that offers the possibility of dividing the interactive multi-touch screen into independent zones. You can create up to 4 sub-screens, for each child to use a different application on the same device, for a more collaborative experience between students. It also allows the division of contents and teaching in different languages.

Class engagement

This software solution allows multiple users to interact simultaneously in a shared way. Students can play at the same time and participate in activities that involve all educational and recreational applications available in the Educational Software. This way, teachers are able to connect their students in interactive activities aligned with each curricular unit.


Let’s move on to interaction?

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