WingsysClass: An Immersive and Collaborative Classroom Experience

For a complete educational experience, with access to the most advanced technological tools, Wingsys presents the WingsysClass. This solution will allow:

  • Encourage collaboration among students in all types of school assignments;
  • Facilitate the presentation of content and the management of classes by teachers;
  • Keeping pace with each student's learning without interfering with the rest of the class;
  • Apply technology to a more dynamic and immersive teaching model.

Enter into the Classroom of the future!

In addition to highly technological equipment such as VR glasses, interactive screens, interactive tables, tablets and computers, the WingsysClass goes further. This solution also integrates new creative learning approaches through the LEGO Education program and the 3D printing.

So that everything works in coordination and flawlessly, the necessary accessories are also included so that all attention can be focused on learning.

What can this solution include?

  • WIPIR V PRO interactive screen;
  • Educational Software;
  • Composer Software;
  • Interactive Table TA007K;
  • Interactive Table TA007T;
  • Charging station (up to 30 devices) EMS08 30;
  • Charging station (up to 32 devices) EMS09 32;
  • Tablet 10’’;
  • VR glasses;
  • "AVOCADO" chairs;
  • Polaroid PlaySmart 3D Desktop Printer;
  • Access to the LEGO Education solution;
  • Wingsys Academy: Accredited teacher-specific training.

Our Products for WingsysClass: An Immersive and Collaborative Classroom Experience


The TA007T interactive tables are the premium model of this segment, standing out for its versatility. They can be sold with specific software for the most diverse areas, from hospitality and public administration to education and tourism, for example. Its robust structure and high quality take the interactive experience to the next level.


Wingsys Interactive Displays are designed with infrared and the latest touch screen technology. A solution that combines interactive technology with intuitive use for businesses or schools.


Children are the future, so we created a multi-touch interactive table adapted for the little ones. Make learning more dynamic and fun! This interactive table can be sold with educational software, games, learning or exercise sheets, video resources and many others, available in several languages. The top glass can be silk-screened in a personalized way, with any image or logo.


The Wingsys EMS08 charging station is extremely useful for storing and recharging electronic devices in complete safety.teste


The EMS09 charging station is a technological mobile cabinet very useful to charge and store all your tablets or laptops with maximum security.

Business Composer

This interactive software offers a wide range of fully customizable applications. Present your company's products or services in an innovative way by creating interactive and engaging experiences.


The Wingsys Educational Software is a versatile solution, available in different languages and that facilitates the learning processes, both for children and educators.

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